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session :off !

Posted 05 Nov 2005

Rails 0.14 contains the possibility to turn off sessions on a controller or even action basis.

class WelcomeController < ApplicationController
  session :off

This will turn off session creation and update on all actions of class WelcomeController.

Depending on the complexity of the logic inside your actions, you can get a big speedup. For example, on my welcome controller, index is action cached. Turning sessions off for this action, I see a huge performance improvement on my windows development box:

c1 real   c2 real  c1 r/s   c2 r/s  c1 ms/r  c2 ms/r  c1/c2
2.29700   0.27633   217.7   1809.4     4.59     0.55   8.31
2.45833   0.29200   203.4   1712.3     4.92     0.58   8.42

This was measured against the default ActiveRecordStore session implementation. But even with a faster session implementation, the difference is astonishing:

c1 real   c2 real  c1 r/s   c2 r/s  c1 ms/r  c2 ms/r  c1/c2
1.20333   0.26600   415.5   1879.7     2.41     0.53   4.52
1.35933   0.27633   367.8   1809.4     2.72     0.55   4.92

So it is certainly worthwhile to consider turning sessions off for controllers that don't need them.

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